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سایز کمباکس 15 و 13
Cambox Map
Water resistant
Pressure tolerance 1500k
Anti UV
رنگ کمباکس اصلی
تحمل وزن کمباکس اصلی
ابعاد کمباکس اصلی
وزن کم باکس cambox
Size 15
Size 13
300 Gram
210 Gram
Compact plastic
Possibility of Production
in Different Colors
Maximume Camera Weight
10 KG
Size 13
Size 15
Size 15 enough space
for adaptor installation 
Size 13 Suitable
​​​​​​​for shared power supply
کمباکس نمای جلو

Reinforecrd place to fasten screws

Duct or gland entry point

potential moisture outlet ducts

Drill only

For proper installation

Sealing edge

کمباکس توضیحات
کمباکس نمای داخل
کمباکس نمای پشت

Engineering design to increase box strenghth

Suitable thickness for closing screws

Channel crossing

Passage of Cables

Where to tighten the screw

For Proper installation

Erco Company Logo

Standard spacing for mounting on metal cans

Back Door Features

Front View Features

Inside view

Back view

Cambox Features


High strength

 cambox is resistant to pressure and impact and this feature makes the product last longer

کمباکس بسیار محکم و مقاوم

Increase safety against lightning

کمباکس مقاوم در برابر رعد و برق

designing of this product to reduce the risk of outdoor cctv camera damages against lightning

Quick and Easy Installation

The cambox team tries to create the complete ease in installation of cctv caneras and other related devices

کمباکس نصب سریع و آسان

Suitsble for all weather conditions

Cambox has been tested in different cities of with different weather conditions and it's fully compatible

کمباکس مناسب تمام شرایط آب و هوایی

Suitable for all cameras

Canbox is compatible with the most cctv cakeras and is used in various projects

کمباکس مناسب تمام دوربین های مدار بسته

High Dielectric Strength

The most electric field that can withstand a dielectric without collapse

کمباکس دارای استقامت دی الکتریک بسیار بالا

​​User Projects

​Cambox User's share this Pictures with us to show others







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Registered and unique design of cambox , makes the product different from its competitors. 

Exclusive and Registered Design

Cambox always has participated and introduced in various exhibitions.

IPAS 2018- 2019
Introduced at IPAS Exhibition

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برای ساخت کمباکس افراد زیادی زحمت میکشن ، تا بتوانند بهترین کیفیت محصول را به دست شما عزیزان برسانند

Reza Ahmadi

Sales Manager

​​Pejman Farzaneh

Social Network Manager

Navid Mashinchi

CEO of Erco

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